New Church Ancient Roots 2

Village Life Sermon 3-13-11 from Village Life Church on Vimeo.

Life Group Homework (based on sermon content)

Key Verse: Psalm 69:19-28; Genesis 50:15-21

  1. What stood out to you as the most important way that Village Life Church needs to prepare for God to be able to draw others to Himself through us?  Why?  What role could you or our Life Group play in that process?
  2. Imagine that you had been one of the 11 remaining disciples of Jesus.  How would you have reacted when you learned of Judas’ betrayal?  How would you have reacted to learn of his death?
  3. Think of a time when you were wronged by another.  Were there any Scripture verses that God used to comfort you, encourage you, rebuke you, or otherwise teach you?
  4. Read Genesis 50: 15-21.  Consider the mystery that Judas’ betrayal, though evil itself, was a catalyst in the ultimate atoning death of Christ for the sins of all men.  Can you point to a time when someone in your life meant evil, but “God meant it for good” (Genesis 50:20)?