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Working for the Weekend

Busting Holes in Walls

If you’re passionate about God, you can trust your passions.Sometimes we’re waiting or God to “open a door” when there is no door, and He wants us to break a hole through the wall.Our primary call is to align ourselves with God’s purposes, priorities, and character. Then try to open doors. And if there is no door, start kicking a hole through the wall. ...Read More

Digging Ditches

In 2 Kings 3:9-20, three kings set out for war when they suddenly find themselves stranded with thirsty animals. Back in those days, you couldn’t get very far without horses. In verse 16, the prophet Elisha tells these three kings to get to work digging ditches. He instructs them to prepare the valley for water. Elisha’s point was clear: You dig the ditch and God will bring the water. ...Read More

Driving with a Treasure Map

I was on my way to a church conference on the west side of Indy. The Maps app was giving me turn-by-turn directions to my destination. After years spent in vocational sales driving around the city, I would never need paper maps and directions again. And it was awesome! Until I was told to stop beside a field: "You have arrived at your destination." But I’m not writing about phones and map apps. I’m writing about you: where you’re heading with your life… what turns you’re taking on the way in a life full of myriad decisions… and whether you'll end up parked in a muddy field....Read More

Ignorant Christians and Pigmy Gods

An Extrovert in Solitude

It’s funny how strongly we view the world through the lens of our personality and preferences. It’s easy to be proud when you read of your personality’s strengths and minimize the price-tag of your weaknesses. But viewing ministry and spiritual growth through the lens of personality types is both extremely helpful and extremely dangerous. ...Read More

An Introvert on a Mission

[The] danger of self-affirmation is that we buy into the oversimplified falsehood of “well this is how God made me, so I’m not changing/ it’s not my fault.” The truth, as is often the case, is likely somewhere in between....Read More

The S in BELLS (part 2)

Reconciliation. Justice. Beauty. Wholeness. We’re sent to alert others to God’s reign by word and by deed. And the more you journal this stuff the more you’ll find yourself living it out and identifying yourself as a sent one. ...Read More

The S in BELLS (part 1)

There’s a big difference between being left behind and being sent. Sometimes we wonder why God hasn’t rid the world of sickness, death, pain, suffering, evil, and sin. His word tells us we’re destined for heaven, but we feel like we’ve been left behind in the meantime to wait, struggle, suffer, and gut it out. But scripture gives us a simple, clear reason why God is patient and waits to complete His ultimate victory over sin, death, and all the of resulting pain of life. His mission is not yet done. And we've been sent, not merely left behind....Read More

The Other L in BELLS (part 2)

God is a missionary God, seeking the lost sheep, lost coin, and lost son (Luke 15). To not care about the lost and to refuse to follow Him into the world is disobedient and dishonoring. But to pursue lost people and engage a sinful world without focusing on learning Christ and listening to the Spirit is reckless and dangerous. And the result will be equally dishonoring. So let’s talk about how to do the other L in BELLS: listening to the Spirit....Read More