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Ignorant Christians and Pigmy Gods

An Introvert on a Mission

[The] danger of self-affirmation is that we buy into the oversimplified falsehood of “well this is how God made me, so I’m not changing/ it’s not my fault.” The truth, as is often the case, is likely somewhere in between....Read More

The E in BELLS

Jesus did the opposite of what people expected. In a culture where religion was part of social status, and in which tax collectors, prostitutes, drunkards and other sinners stood inescapably condemned, Jesus extended friendship through food and drink… through presence… through table fellowship. It was both unexpected and irresistible. Like Jesus, we should be as prepared to eat with people outside of our spiritual circles ...Read More

Raising Disciples

Why We Worship Together

Thoughts about corporate worship from our Director of Worship, Will Johnson...Read More

Image of God

If all people are created in God’s image, then there is no room for favoritism....Read More

Freedom for the Losers, the Poor, and the recovering Pharisees

Disembodied Words

Thoughts from Pastor Don Beachy about the Church, social media, and how we can love one another with our words....Read More

Drum Roll Please....

I'm sure you can guess what question I've been asked the most - "Have you found a place to meet yet?" Well, we finally have an answer! ...Read More