Archives for Nov 2015

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Give Thanks (Even When Life Stinks)

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever." This great, often repeated verse sounds happy. And sometimes it is. Like in 1 Chronicles 16, when life was good. David, Asaph, and other Levites wrote many psalms during that season of praise many; that we still read, pray, and sing today. But when we look at the Psalms with this opening statement of thanks, we see a full, robust, picture of life as sinful people in a fallen world: the good and the bad. Giving thanks to the Lord who is good and faithful isn’t only for when times are good. It’s our hope, our anchor, for when times are bad. ...Read More

Geeked Out on Eschatology

If we’re honest, much of the time we’re pretty content in our cushioned, first-world cocoon, and view Jesus' coming as something “nice” to be looked forward to. But when injustice and death invade our private worlds, and we personally feel the harsh, unrelenting pain of sin, brokenness, sickness, and death, we realize this hope means everything. Eschatology ...Read More