Archives for Aug 2015

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Busting Holes in Walls

If you’re passionate about God, you can trust your passions.Sometimes we’re waiting or God to “open a door” when there is no door, and He wants us to break a hole through the wall.Our primary call is to align ourselves with God’s purposes, priorities, and character. Then try to open doors. And if there is no door, start kicking a hole through the wall. ...Read More

Digging Ditches

In 2 Kings 3:9-20, three kings set out for war when they suddenly find themselves stranded with thirsty animals. Back in those days, you couldn’t get very far without horses. In verse 16, the prophet Elisha tells these three kings to get to work digging ditches. He instructs them to prepare the valley for water. Elisha’s point was clear: You dig the ditch and God will bring the water. ...Read More

Driving with a Treasure Map

I was on my way to a church conference on the west side of Indy. The Maps app was giving me turn-by-turn directions to my destination. After years spent in vocational sales driving around the city, I would never need paper maps and directions again. And it was awesome! Until I was told to stop beside a field: "You have arrived at your destination." But I’m not writing about phones and map apps. I’m writing about you: where you’re heading with your life… what turns you’re taking on the way in a life full of myriad decisions… and whether you'll end up parked in a muddy field....Read More