Archives for Apr 2015

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Why We Worship Together

Thoughts about corporate worship from our Director of Worship, Will Johnson...Read More

The B in BELLS

If we want to live missional lives, lives that intentionally serve the King and His Kingdom instead of coasting along with our consumer culture, it’s time to start getting practical. Not legalistic, but practical and action oriented. Let’s jump into the B in BELLS…...Read More

Image of God

If all people are created in God’s image, then there is no room for favoritism....Read More

Life is a Short-Term Mission Trip

Our lives are short. James equates our lives with a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. I don’t want to look back on my life and realize that I settled for a comfortable, entertained life when I could have reached for a life marked by close relationships and deeply meaningful ministry. Life is a short-term mission trip. Let’s study and train together, pray together, serve together, worship together, eat together, laugh together, sacrifice together, proclaim and demonstrate the gospel to the world together… live life together for the glory of our incredible God. That’s the part of the short-term mission trip I want to bring home, the part I miss the most and long for in everyday life. Life is a short-term mission trip. Don’t settle for normal life....Read More

Freedom for the Losers, the Poor, and the recovering Pharisees